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Certification of Teachers Judges and Dj's



Teachers will be qualified on 3 levels:

Professional Salsa Instructor   

Advanced Salsa Instructor  

Master Salsa Instructor  


This will coincide with the WSF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Syllabus Levels or Cuban, Colombian, L.A., and N.Y syllabus. Examinations now can be taken virtually by Zoom. Official Certificates, suitable for framing, are given upon completion via email.  You must be at least an Advanced Salsa Instructor to take the examination to become a Judge.   




Whether done virtually on Zoom or in person, the applicant must first be a current member of the WSF and in good standing.

1. Applicant must show 4 figures of the standard (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) of Salsa they are certifying in. These figures will be chosen by the WSF at random.

2. Applicant must show these 4 figures doing both man's and ladies part individually, describing amounts of turn, foot placement, and timing.

3. Applicant will dance with a partner to music for a minimum of 1 minute, either as man or lady, demonstrating at least 6 steps of the standard they are certifying in. This will demonstrate their ability to be able to mix the patterns comfortably.

4. Applicant will be given 3 questions to answer concerning leading and following. These questions will be sent by email or regular mail if email is unavailable.

5. Grading of the test will comprise of 50 percent on point number two, 25 percent on point number three, and 25 percent on point number four. Applicant must receive at least 80 percent total score to be certified.


Upon successful completion, the Applicant will receive their certification certificate with the WSF Corporate Seal.





1. Must pass 3 levels of the syllabus of your choosing, Bronze, Silver, and Gold teachers certification or have credentials from a WSF affiliate member organization to take the Judges Examination.  Only Certified WSF Judges can judge WSF closed syllabus competitions.  


2. Must be familiar with the WSF Rulebook and the Psychological Issues of Judging  and be able to answer 20 questions derived from this rulebook with questions valued at 5 points each.  An 80% score is needed to pass.  


3. Must be a current WSF member in good standing.  


4. Must be familiar with all styles of Salsa and explain the differences:  Included but not limited to, would be Cuban, Colombian, L.A., and N.Y.  


5. Cost to take Certified Judges test is $25.  Payment can be made by Zelle, or PayPal.  


6. Certified Judges get compensated for all their judging duties  







1. These are voluntary Judges (they do not get compensated).  


2. Non-certified judges can only judge Open Salsa competitions.  


3.  Must be familiar with all styles of Salsa and explain the differences:  Included but not limited to, would be Cuban, Colombian, L.A., and N.Y.  


4. Must be a current WSF member in good standing.  


5. Must be familiar with the WSF Rulebook and the Psychological Issues of Judging .


6. Must apply and be approved by the WSF Executive Council, giving their expertise history and profile.  

DJ Certification

To become a Certified WSF Salsa DJ, you must do the following:

1. Become a member of the World Salsa Federation.  This membership is for life.  Once a member you will receive your membership card with your own membership number.

2. To become certified as a WSF Salsa DJ, you must take an exam by the WSF.  Cost of the exam is $25.  If you fail the exam, you can retake it at no additional cost.  Payment can be done by PayPal or Zelle at

3. Examination will be done by phone (WhatsApp) or Zoom.

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